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Hedonistic and uncluttered sexual mores

On page 73 of the May 2010 edition of Rough Guide to Kenya is this interesting tidbit re sexual attitudes in Kenya:

…”sexual mores in Kenya are generally hedonistic and uncluttered.  Expressive sexuality is a very obvious part of the social fabric in most communities, and in Muslim areas Islamic moral strictures tend to be generously interpreted. The age of consent for heterosexual relations is 16.”

“If you’re a man, you’re likely to find flirtatious pestering a constant part of the scene, especially if you visit bars and clubs. With HIV infection rates extremely high, even protected sex is extremely inadvisable.”

Open the lifestyle section of any of the leading dailies and it does not take rocket science to know that most people here have multiple simultaneous relationships – most for money, most for sex, most  for both – from the upper echelons of society to your cleaning lady to the house guard. They all do it, whether for some phone credit, a bag of maize flour, a new wig/braids/dreads, the annual Easter vacation at the Coast, a new “buy me a girlie one plz” mobile phone,  having a mother’s house repainted yet another shade of ghastly vomit green, or pretending a sister is sick of meningitis so one can get a “r u gonna help me or wat??” payout from the gullible  white dickhead or flake. It’s sex land out here, baby, more than you can shake your stick at. (The high HIV/AIDS rate in Kenya attests to that.)

So wazungu,  (white people), take note. While you may feel very handsome/pretty and attractive while in Kenya (even if the opposite sex back home barely gives you a second glance, tee hee), don’t let it get to your head (and wallet.) “money is the only factor to consider!” according to this very public Facebook post of this Kalenjin babe-wannabe-but-is-an-airhead-actually who looks so smug to have hooked the gullible elderly white male easily 30 years her senior sitting beside her. Her friends on Facebook had been asking her “lini wedding“? (when’s the wedding?) “does he have a best friend of same age, tell him im tall n slim” screeches another tarty friend on the same page.

Well, if you play your cards right, girls, you might get the ring on your finger. Ask the many successful Kenyans who have bagged their whites. But wait, make sure the white has money first, lots of it. You might be in for a rude awakening.