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It ain’t your real hair, honey.

Advertised on page 32 of the 30th June 2012 issue of Xpat Link:

“Get the most realist (sic) looking lace wig with the *Skin top* lace wig. 100% hidden knots, you cant (sic) even see them with a magnifying glass.”

Oh come on, get real, women. Everyone WILL KNOW you’re wearing a WIG because your natural hair is tight, “hard”, and really kinky. Everybody knows that. (Well, maybe except the really stupid white people, especially gullible old men who you can get to fork out wig and salon money for you. I should know – I was one of them gullibles before.)

Don’t you know that wearing your hair au naturelle looks better on you?? No need to ape foreign women with their gorgeous soft and silky hair. 😉 And save your hard-earned (or more likely, hard-won) shillings for putting food on the table instead. Or better yet, buy a real book (no glossy junk mags please) and improve your minds.

Be proud of your African hair, girls. Seriously. Phonies stick out a mile.