Want to look for an apartment? Go walkabout.

Seriously, the best way to look for an apartment is to go walkabout. No need for agents, especially the briefcase aka folder types (please refer to previous post). First, choose the area where you want to live. Mark out the streets you intend to cover. Put on some sunscreen, grab a bottle of water, don a hat, and wear your most comfortable pair of shoes. Don’t forget to bring pen and paper and if you want, take along your camera too. It’ll be loads of fun. For where else can you poke your nose and get to see inside all these apartments except when you’re flat-hunting.

Don’t be deterred if you don’t see a “to let” sign on the gate. Just ask the askari (guard) if there is an apartment for rent and 3 out of 5 times, there will indeed be an available or soon-to-be available flat.

Today, I must have walked about 6 kilometers back and forth. The farthest apartment I went to was about two and a half  kilometers from my current flat. And sure enough, I was able to check out at least 7 apartments.

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